I am pleased as punch to announce I’m finalizing design and layout for my new photo book, tentatively titled Flat Land, Good Light. Lots of people dismiss flat land as boring, but to that I say, “au contraire!” (Please note all the benefit I got out of two years of high school French.) Here is a sneak peak:

yep, that's tumbleweed!

                Yep, that’s tumbleweed!

Included will be images from the midwest, down to the Mississippi Delta, through Colorado and beyond. Heck, there’s flat land even at 10,000 feet!


                    Flat land at 10K feet

Stay tuned!

I’ve got the “look-arounds”….

In chapter 15 of my all-time favorite book, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Calpurnia says Jem “has the look-arounds”. I love that. It describes (but in a different context, thankfully) exactly how I feel living in my new home – Park County, Colorado. I’m curious to learn about this new place – its past, present, and the people who are as much a part of it as the contour of the land and the individual grains of mineral in the soil. I’m antsy to get started. The best thing to do is just start – so here goes. A few first impressions…

The plains

These were taken in Washington and Arapahoe Counties east of Denver. Since I come from the great Black Swamp area of NW Ohio, I’ve learned to love the stark beauty of flat land and good light.

Washington County, Colorado-2

Corn, Washington County, CO-1

Lane, Washington County, CO-1

Plowed Field, Washington County, CO-1


It’s going to take a while to develop my “mountains eye”. There are a lot of things that can mess you up photographing in the mountains. It gets light later and dark earlier than on flat land. “The golden hour” light doesn’t mean anything when mountains between you and the sun throw your subject into dark shadow. Argh. Mountain lions and bears are another possibility. Those could make your day…or not.

Near Pine, Jefferson County, CO, CO-1

Near Boreas Pass, Park county, CO-1