Present in the Here and Now

The past year or so I’ve been acclimating to my new life in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. I live in South Park (yes, that South Park!) and it an amazing place. So much life is here – the people, the land, the living creatures – surrounding me. My existence in this place and time is a gift I need to pay forward. I plan to do it photographically. My personal way of seeing recognizes the beauty and wonder in things perhaps not stereotypically beautiful, but possessing a strength and resonance the attuned observer notices and feels. This is the basis for my process and the images I create.

Not all is idyllic here, though. Life is hard for many, both rural and urban. I recently had the privilege of making portraits for some 40 folks affiliated with Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. Talk about a life-affirming experience! Folks were joyful! People told me their stories and accomplishments and we shared a wonderful afternoon together.

As I start the year, the people I met that day are mentors for me. Just keep moving. Observe, work, improve, look back to recognize progress, appreciate, and continue moving again.


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