Drumming up the Sun: winter solstice celebration

I was delighted to get invited to an unofficial Denver-area tradition – drumming up the sun on the day of winter solstice. The folklore behind it (indian and naturalistic traditions, etc.) involves celebrating the re-awakening of Mother Earth by the lengthening days of sunlight. Anyone and everyone can come. It reminds me of the lyrics in Neil Diamond’s song “Brother Love’s Travelling Salvation Show.” People ‘pack up their babies, grab the old ladies’, and everyone goes to Red Rocks in the waning night. You will not find any mention or announcement in the newspaper or community events blurbs – people just show up if  they hear about it by word of mouth. Any way folks want to participate in the event is fair game; drums, flutes, singing, chanting, ululating, dancing! It’s a happy, accepting space to be in for a little while once a year.

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3 thoughts on “Drumming up the Sun: winter solstice celebration

  1. I really like the Father Christmas picture – he just looks so in the moment. And I love the pail drummer. Simple gets the job done just the same. What a beautiful morning it was!

    • Cassandra, thanks for visiting and commenting. It was a fine morning. If you ever find yourself in the Denver area during winter solstice time, look me up and we can go together! I will definitely go again and bring my drum!

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